Anger Management Therapy & Treatment in Toronto

Anger is a powerful emotion that can give you a way to express negative feelings. It can motivate people and groups to reach a resolution or spark a need for change. Uncontrolled anger can, however, negatively affect personal or social well-being.

Psychotherapy for Coping with Anger

While CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) can be used to deal with the symptoms of an anger problem, our therapists will work with you to aid you in coming to understand the roots of your issues with anger. For example, perhaps you grew up in a home where you witnessed uncontrolled anger, or where your own feelings of anger were not welcome. Another example could be that you had little agency to do or not do as you chose; you were expected to comply with the directives of others. All of these scenarios, and others, can set you up for a life of feeling that your anger is unmanageable.  

Your Qualified Therapist will work with you to come to understand, accept, and work through your struggles. From this can come more of a feeling of ease inside, and a lessened tendency to become overwhelmed by your feelings of anger.

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Our Qualified Therapists are all able to help you with your issues with anger management. These days, we are also able to provide you with online anger management therapy.

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When to Seek Help for Anger Management Issues

If you find yourself experiencing any combination of the below, you may have a problem expressing anger:

How to Begin Therapy for Your Anger

All of our regulated professionals are experienced in dealing with issues regarding anger.  Please review our profiles and reach out to a regulated professional whose description appeals to you, and who has availability to work with you.  The regulated professional will guide you through the next steps.

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