When you begin looking for a therapist, you will start to see all the different modalities or specialties that a therapist works with. All of these options can be overwhelming; how do you know which specialty is the one that you need? Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is one option that is useful for people in many different situations.

What Is Emotionally Focused Therapy? 

Emotionally focused therapy techniques approach mental health by focussing on underlying emotional states. Therapists who use emotion-focused therapy work with clients to help them identify their emotions and understand what influence they have on their behaviour, thinking and relationship or attachment style. By better understanding their emotions, clients can often gain more control over their reactions and change how they think about and process the world around them. Emotionally focused therapy for individuals can often help with, among other concerns:  

  • Attachment or relationship issues 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Trauma 

Emotion-focused family therapy is primarily used with couples and families since understanding emotional states can be very useful in helping a family and couple function well. This type of therapy can be particularly beneficial when a family or couple is dealing with someone having a serious illness or the death of a family member. Any kind of emotional injury can often be approached through emotionally focused therapy, though people who have experienced depression and trauma may benefit the most.

What Are the Limits of Emotionally Focused Therapy?  

The techniques involved in emotionally focused therapy are based around a better ability to reflect on, experience and modify inner states, but conditions like active addictions and high-risk behaviours are sometimes considered to create too unsafe an environment for emotional work. This therapy, therefore, may not be ideal for people with these conditions.  

Emotionally focused therapy works towards a general sense of secure attachment and more positive emotional states. It may not be an ideal treatment for someone looking to resolve one specific issue. For those who are looking to improve their overall emotional state or well-being, emotionally focused therapy with Toronto based therapists, whether for couples, families or individuals, can be incredibly beneficial.   

Many of our therapist provide Emotion Focused Therapy for depression and trauma.  Some of our therapists provide Emotion Focused group therapy.

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