Psychosis Therapy & Counselling in Toronto

Psychosis is a serious mental health issue where your thoughts and feelings become so impaired that you can no longer tell what is real and what isn’t. Psychosis can be very dangerous. If you are experiencing psychosis problems, this is called a psychotic episode.

Symptoms of Psychosis

If you or someone you love is experiencing a psychotic episode, you might notice symptoms like:  

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When you are in recovery after a psychotic episode, you may feel like you don’t need your medicine anymore. It’s important to keep taking any doctor prescribed medications; anti-psychotic medications work to prevent another psychotic episode from occurring, not just to stop one that is happening.  

How to Cope with Psychosis

The first time someone has a psychotic episode, they will almost certainly need professional psychosis help. Psychosis can be treated with specific medications that help the brain do a better job of telling reality from distorted experiences. This is crucial to maintaining health and preventing further psychotic episodes.  

At home, you can reduce the risk of psychosis and psychotic episodes by minimizing stressful events, avoiding street drugs and alcohol, and getting support from people who understand that even if the feelings and thoughts you’re experiencing aren’t objectively real, they feel real to you and can be very distressing.

Talk to One of Our Psychotherapists

At PRS Toronto, we have several therapists who are experts in understanding the symptoms of psychosis and may help individuals cope with this mental health issue. They may also be able to recommend the best treatment for psychosis in your situation. One of our therapists will work with you and may be able to help identify the potential triggers of a psychotic episode, how to recognize that one is occurring, and how to get treatment as soon as possible to maintain your mental health.  

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When You Might Need Psychosis Help

The first time someone experiences a psychotic episode, it’s very important that they receive mental health treatment. They will need help determining what has been happening with their brain and they will need help getting on the right medications to control their conditions.  

After a psychotic episode is stabilized, you can benefit from psychosis therapy and counselling with a trained mental health professional familiar with your condition. This can help you identify the sorts of stressful events that may make relapse more likely, and help you understand what could make it more likely for you to experience psychotic episodes than other people. Pairing talk therapy with medical treatment can give you the best chance of maintaining your recovery.  

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