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Cheryl Fulop Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

We all have the potential to thrive in environments that are accepting and that feel safe to us. Creating a therapy space that allows this to be possible is of utmost importance to me. Within this space, you will be able to become more present, more aware of your thoughts and feelings and more able to take responsibility for your life choices. Whatever challenges you may be facing or relational difficulties you are experiencing that have contributed to you considering a therapy, will be openly met with care and compassion. The therapeutic process can be challenging but it does not have to be an unpleasant experience. It is a brave undertaking to face yourself, in this way, and I would be honored to help you along on this journey. The eventual building of internal solidity will allow you to walk upright through life, with a renewed sense of vitality, creativity and a deep sense of yourself.

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About Cheryl Fulop

Psychotherapy is a second career for me. Prior to embarking on this rewarding professional path, I worked, for many years, in the hospitality industry. This experience has informed my diverse therapy practice, in many profound ways. I trained at The Centre for Psychotherapy for eight years, which stretched my academic and emotional capacity. My approach is client-centered, relational and attachment focused, while empathy, compassion, creativity and humor play important roles within it. I also bring valuable life experience and a long personal therapeutic history, to my work, which has allowed me to possess a deep understanding of what it is like to sit in the client chair.

Language I work in: English

Challenges you might be facing

Issues I work with include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss/Grief
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship/ Attachment patterns
  • Self-esteem/Confidence issues
  • Trauma related difficulties/Intimacy
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Loneliness/Isolation

What happens in a therapy session

I believe that nothing is trivial within the therapy setting. My ears are always perked up to these nuances that can lead to a greater understanding of your lived experience. It is my responsibility, as your therapist, to be available to you, to support and challenge you as a catalyst for your development. I will provide the scaffold for you to feel that you are not defined by your emotion al struggles, what you look like, your perceived weaknesses or your past. All of what you possess and have experienced are unique to you and are weaved together in creating your unique story.

Getting Started

A good therapy is fundamentally built on the feeling that your therapist can relate to you. Therefore, I offer a free 30-minute consultation for you to get a sense of this and it is my preference to meet in person. I will also welcome any questions that you may have around your therapy and me.

Contact Cheryl Fulop

Call Cheryl at 416-766-9667


2261 Bloor St., W, Second Floor, Toronto, On., M6S 1N8
Toronto ON

Intersection: Bloor and Runnymede


244 Dupont St., Main Floor, Toronto, On., MSR 1 V7

Intersection: Spadina and Dupont


Cheryl Fulop
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Registered Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy Referral Service
260 Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2E4