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Chris Werbski Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MSW, RSW, HSC

I have learned from my own personal struggles, challenges and evolution that seeking support and building trust can bring a person to a place of fulfillment, healing and peace. This contributed to my decision to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist over 20 years ago..

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About Chris Werbski

I am a Registered Psychotherapist, located in Toronto and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and also a member of the College of Social Workers of Ontario. Besides formal psychotherapy training my credentials include training in addictions, trauma and mental health.

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What happens in a therapy session

People come to therapy for many reasons. A person may have experienced a life-changing event. Perhaps a loved-one has recently passed away. Perhaps there is a struggle with alcohol and drug problems or other health concerns. Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to speak with someone who will listen and understand without judging, provide a safe and trusting environment, and offer professional guidance. Therapy can help you make more conscious choices, reconnect with your feelings and needs and gain more insight into relationships. It can also help you deal with crisis, loss, trauma, and unhappiness as you develop relationships that are more meaningful. To be truly free one must explore one’s past self, understand one’s potential, gain hope and face one’s truths. Through therapeutic talking you can come to a deeper understanding of who you are and what you truly desire.

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To begin this journey we would meet to discuss what you are looking for and how psychodynamic psychotherapy can help. The consultation is free and I am located in Toronto.

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Call or Text Christine at 416-254-9785


316 Dupont Street
Toronto ON

• one block west of Spadina subway station

Chris Werbski
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Registered Psychotherapist
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