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Dana Kelso Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MBA, BA (Hons)

You are an intelligent, competent business professional, yet, despite your best efforts, your life isn’t feeling the way you had hoped.  Perhaps you are struggling with relationship difficulties at home or at work, career indecision, substance abuse, or chronic anxiety.  I specialize in working with people whose backgrounds and struggles are similar to yours.

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About Dana Kelso

My psychotherapy practice is located in the Annex area of downtown Toronto, and I have been practicing full-time since 2003. Prior to entering psychotherapy training, I spent sixteen years in the corporate world working in the field of human resources, where I progressed to the executive level. I have a particular interest, and have experienced much success, in working with business professionals and executives, regardless of their presenting concerns.
During my therapy training, I coached leaders who had issues with their interpersonal style. I also co-developed a resiliency coaching program for a major Employee Assistance provider. In implementing this program, I had the opportunity to coach hundreds of people across Canada.
My approach to therapy is eclectic; while my foundational training leads me to focus on healing underlying issues in a therapy, I use the coaching and brief therapy skills I learned in my consulting life to help out with present-day concerns.
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What happens in a therapy session

In the therapy, we begin right where you are at.  Whatever you feel drawn to speak about is very important, and I will encourage you to speak as freely as you can.  Over time, we will both come to know you better, and I suspect that you will surprise yourself by what you sometimes say.  I am always listening for the out-of-awareness as a way of guiding you to come to know yourself more deeply.  Over time, as you come to know, trust, and be in dialogue with your depths, you develop the capacity to create a life that is more truly your own.

I offer sessions by telephone or Skype to those who are travelling, or who live outside of Toronto.

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Dana Kelso
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Registered Psychotherapist
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1208-10 Walmer Road,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2W4