Elizabeth Bailey

Registered Psychotherapist
RP, CTP Dipl, Hons BA

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Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, Hons BA

Sometimes it’s hard to find a person we can speak to frankly and openly about our feelings, hopes and fears. Psychotherapists are trained to create a safe place to explore your life privately and sensitively. What you say about yourself will be listened to intently, with compassion and respect. Your world may be shaken as you question and poke holes in the status quo, but I will have your back as your rebuild your life.

About Elizabeth Bailey

Deep broad conversation has given me more pleasure in life, and helped me to learn more about myself than anything else. The transformative aspects of human discourse take pride of place in my interests. A long career as an artist has instilled in me a faith in the sustaining power of a stimulating and stimulated inner life. Psychotherapy draws on both of these elements, the relational and the contemplative. Exploring verbally or sitting quietly with another helps us to find our own source of truth and resolve. My personal therapy and my training at the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy developed these elements in my life. I am currently a fellow with the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy.

Challenges you might be facing

Issues I work with include:

  • Depression
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Feeling Lost
  • Feeling Powerless or Trapped
  • Regret and Mourning
  • Anger and Anxiety

What happens in a therapy session

A Psychotherapy relationship is one that gives us a refuge from our everyday life in Toronto, and strives to put us in touch with our most authentic feelings and thoughts. With patience and careful attention to our conversation together, we will listen for your true voice and give it the significance it deserves. Non-judgmental interactions allow for truly free speech. Exploring your present life and your past will provide clues to make sense of where you have come from, who you are and where you would like to be going. An atmosphere of kindness and respect will purposefully establish a safe environment where uncertainty, upheaval, fear and shock can be endured. For Psychotherapy is often an act of rebellion that requires courage and stamina as well as desire for change.

Getting Started

Please contact me by telephone or email if you would like to meet me for a consultation. I provide a half hour consultation in my office for a fee of $50. You will meet me, tell me a little about yourself and your reason for seeking psychotherapy. I’ll tell you more about the process as well as answer questions you may have about therapy, including frequency of meeting, payments, etc. You’ll have a chance to feel how comfortable you are speaking with me and being in my office.

Contact Elizabeth Bailey

Currently Not Accepting New Clients

Call or Text Elizabeth at 647-389-4815

I will respond to your message within 24 hours during the week, perhaps somewhat longer on the weekend.


344 Bloor Street W.
Suite 302
Toronto ON M5S 3A7

• Annex neighbourhood, Bloor W and Spadina, Spadina subway and streetcar

Elizabeth Bailey
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Registered Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy Referral Service
344 Bloor Street West, Suite 301,
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3A7