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Karen Wreford Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, BA (Hons) English Language and Literature, She/Her/Hers

People come to therapy for many different reasons: anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, grief. But at the heart of the decision to seek therapy is often a deep desire for change. And while it isn’t easy, real change is possible through guided discussion with a trusted therapist who can offer compassion, insight and a new perspective. Therapy can help you find a greater sense of personal freedom, can inspire hidden creativity, help you discover renewed energy, improved self-expression and better coping skills. If you want things to be different in your life, therapy can help.

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About Karen Wreford

I came to the study of psychotherapy after nearly twenty-five years in branding and advertising. A liberal arts graduate, I found myself working in the communications field where I learned to listen, translate and interpret not only what was being said around the boardroom table – but also what wasn’t. I observed people in conflict, under pressure or struggling to assert themselves. I came to realize that it was people, their motivations, behaviours and relationships that most interested me in the workplace, and in life. This realization, combined with my own journey of self-discovery, brought me to study at Toronto’s Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP) and ultimately to a career as a therapist.

My decades of experience in the agency world are part of who I am and, alongside my education and training at CTP, have deepened my understanding of the complexities of relationships, the effects of pressure and stress, and the ways in which our past can limit us from finding or fulfilling our potential.

If you are struggling, I welcome your inquiry.

Issues that I work with:

What happens in a therapy session

My process is informed by several of the theorists I studied throughout my educational journey to becoming a therapist, and is influenced by many admired colleagues and contemporary thinkers. These perspectives have helped me formulate a direction for my work with clients. I practice psychodynamically-informed psychotherapy, which is characterized by careful and deep exploration of formative experiences and personal history, including the use of dreams as a means to discuss and explore the world outside of conscious awareness. I meet weekly with my clients for 50-minute sessions. These sessions are strictly confidential, and focus on developmental history and experiences, dreams, and reflections. The focus of the work is always client-directed, and in alignment with your goals and objectives.

I am Currently offering online and telephone sessions exclusively.

Getting Started

My office hours are Monday-Thursday. I am currently accepting new clients for evening sessions. For new clients, I offer an initial 30-minute consultation at no charge.

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    I am currently offering online and telephone sessions exclusively.

    Currently, I am practicing therapy in alignment with guidance provided to all provincial healthcare professionals and conducting sessions using a secure online platform.

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