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Registered Psychotherapist
RP, CTP Dipl

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Leah Lucas Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

Since beginning clinical practice in 1984 I have been privileged to witness the successful alleviation of mental and emotional suffering through Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. The current scientific research in neurochemistry validates the effectiveness of “Talk Therapy” as it literally alters the chemical, hormonal, and limbic resonance capacities of the brain, mind and body.

About Leah Lucas

I have been practicing psychotherapy in my Toronto office since 1984. I am a psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapist working in a psychodymanic mode. My focus is on uncovering the unconscious mental and emotional processes that have created conflicts in daily life. In therapy we make use of free association, dream analysis, interpretation of transference and projections in order to access your hidden dynamics. I work with individuals including adults and adolescents as well as couples in marital therapy.

Challenges you might be facing

Many clients seek therapy for a variety of issues including:

• anxiety

• panic attacks

• depression

• relationship difficulties

• eating disorders

• addictions

• money issues

• professional problems

• spiritual conflicts

These challenges and symptoms are addressed for resolution in psychotherapy.

What happens in a therapy session

Together in a safe, warm therapy setting we create an environment conducive to the free expression of emotions, thoughts and conflicts. Inner change comes about when we allow a consistent, honest expression of our internal world to be examined and understood without judgment or interference. My downtown Toronto office is private and confidential, a quiet location to begin work with an experienced clinician who has over 32 years of psychotherapy practice.

Getting Started

The best way to begin therapy with me is through a no-charge telephone consultation to determine your comfort level and see if this is the right match for you.

Contact Leah Lucas

Please contact me for an initial no-fee telephone consultation.

Call Leah at 416-654-6179

You may also read more of my writings on psychotherapy at: 


Toronto Psychotherapy Group (TPG)

The Ontario Society Of Psychotherapists (OSP)

Canadian Association Of Psychodynamic Psychotherapists (CAPT)


• Oakwood & St. Clair Avenue West Toronto

• Free Parking Available

• From St. Clair West Subway Station take the Keele streetcar west.

Leah Lucas
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Registered Psychotherapist
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