Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl, B.Sc, Mgr Psych. UW (Polish Credentials)



Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl, B.Sc, Mgr Psych. UW (Polish Credentials)

I believe that what brought you here is important. I honour your courage and effort it took for you to get here. Therapy can help. Let’s talk.

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My name is Malgosia Sulowska, I am a Toronto psychotherapist and I’ve been in practice since 2015. I’m offering psychotherapy in the Greater Toronto Area, helping individuals on their path toward healing, growth and fulfillment.

As a psychotherapist, I am committed to be present and to listen in an attuned way, with an intrinsic desire to think deeply about your experiences. My colleagues and friends describe me as a warm, genuine, intuitive, inquisitive, and an empathetic therapist. I practice a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy that helps you become aware of hidden but relevant layers that may require you to embark on a deep exploration of your emotional states, memories, thoughts, and drivers.

I also have an in-depth understanding of the Attachment Theory that explains how the quality of our early relationships determines who we become as adults. Addressing those early relationships can help you strengthen and work toward gaining Earned-secure attachment style and facilitate self-transformation. I am also inspired by Neohumanistic-experiential therapy, which focuses on the entire person instead of the symptoms and emphasizes our unique experiences, and our inherent potential to grow and heal. However, sometimes we don’t have the words to describe our experiences, or words are not sufficient enough to describe them. Therefore, focusing on the body and creative expressions can be helpful in gaining new insights into your psyche. I believe in the inseparability of mind, body, and spirit. It means your mind can also be revealed in your neurophysiology, posture, gestures, movement and other bodily tensions. In addition to the body therapy, I appreciate what the practice of mindfulness and meditation has to offer as a way to re-pattern our neural pathways to develop new capacities.

I’m an alumna of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP), an in-depth recognized academic, multidimensional and experiential eight-year training program. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).
I am a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT), a member of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP), and a member of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). I also hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Warsaw in Poland (Europe).

I adhere to the CRPO codes of ethics. I provide an accepting, non-judgmental, safe and respectful environment.

I work both in English and Polish.

Issues that I work with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Interpersonal Difficulties and Relationships Issues
  • Anger Management
  • Self Esteem and Self Worth
  • Life Transitions and Feeling Stuck
  • Life crisis
  • Sexuality and Sexual Orientation
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Excessive Shame
  • Stress
  • Neglect
  • Abuse
  • Loneliness
  • Parenting, Co-parenting, Single Mothering by Choice and Blended Families
  • Chronic Illness and Pain
  • Addictions & Compulsions and Impulsiveness
  • Pregnancy
  • Immigration
  • BPD

What happens in a therapy session

Arrive as you are. As a therapist I am caring, honest, gentle, compassionate and enthusiastic about your process and its significance in your life. My patients appreciate my analytical and inquisitive approach. I will listen closely and ask you direct questions yet without judgement. I believe that together we can create a therapeutic, safe, non-judgmental, analytical space for you, where we will emphatically inquire about your experiences to help you learn about yourself and your difficulties in depth.

Regardless of how challenged you may feel, I will work with you, at your pace, to delicately unfold the meaning and insights we need to uncover to help you develop deeper connections with yourself. This will allow you to slowly gain new perspectives, skills, and confidence and the energy you need to feel more alive and to move towards self-fulfillment. However, my role is not to tell you what to do or what to think, it is ultimately yours to discover. I am passionate about the process of change and you being a powerful force in it.

Typically, I meet with clients once or twice a week for 50-minute sessions.


My office is in West Toronto, Roncesvalles neighbourhood, conveniently located steps away from Dundas West subway Station (Bloor line).

The office address is:
2238 Dundas St. West Unit 215 (second floor)
M6R 3A9

Due to Covid-19, I am working remotely until it is safe to resume work in person.

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