Trauma (PTSD) Therapy and Treatment in Toronto

Individuals who have lived through trauma are often left with feelings of helplessness. When we are shocked by threatening events, we often feel that our very lives are endangered; and our survival instincts kick in – fight, flight or freeze.  While these primitive responses ensure that we survive, they do not help us integrate these shocking experiences into a sophisticated, stable psyche.

Trauma & Psychotherapy

Trauma can come in many forms: developmental trauma when childhood neglect and abuse can halt or contort healthy development, event trauma such as an accident, miscarriage, assault, or natural disaster, political trauma such as war, poverty, racial violence, fleeing as a refugee or act of genocide that can all be experienced first-hand or passed down through the generations.

People who are suffering with PTSD can be helped with regular therapy – bringing past events into their current lives slowly at a pace they can cope with, without being triggered again into survival responses.  PRS has therapists who specialize in treating trauma who can help you cope with trauma and PTSD.  You don’t have to deal with trauma on your own. Browse our therapists’ profiles to begin the counseling process today.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when a person’s physical and emotional responses to threatening event(s) have not been processed and integrated.  The person can be stuck in a state where their responses are randomly triggered and reactivated even though the danger is long past. 

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