Workplace Stress Therapy & Counselling in Toronto

We spend many hours a day at work. It’s not surprising that workplace stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and other concerns outside of the workplace. In many cases, seeing a therapist experienced in dealing with workplace issues can help you manage your stress and also handle the concern causing the issue.

How to Cope with Workplace Bullying

It can be incredibly difficult to manage bullying in the workplace. You may need to interact with the bully regularly and it may be a peer or a superior. Knowing that you will face harassment and negative interactions daily at work can cause incredible anxiety and stress, including anxiety attacks, depression spirals, and more.

Workplace therapists can help you find ways to diffuse situations and avoid problems. They can help you identify places where you may be enabling the bullying to continue and identify ways to stand up to the bully. With inappropriate situations, they may also be able to help you strategize and figure out what action to take.  

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Everyone has a day where they’d rather sleep in than go to work. But if you are experiencing daily anxiety, fear about going to work, or persistent negative thoughts about your job, seeing a workplace therapist may be beneficial.  

How to Deal with Anxiety and Depression at Work

When you are already managing anxiety or depression, workplace stress can be even harder to handle. The stress or other issues may worsen your existing anxiety or depression, making it difficult to go to work. In situations like this, getting workplace counselling may be the best way to protect your mental health and stay productive at work.  

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Causes of Workplace Stress & Workplace Issues

There’s no denying it; work can be a stressful place. Meeting deadlines and handling big meetings can cause short term anxiety, for example. But, these situations tend to improve as soon as the specific event is over. Other causes of stress in the workplace can develop into more significant issues. Some possibilities include:  

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