Toronto's Psychotherapy Referral Service

Toronto's Psychotherapy
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Connecting People With Qualified Therapists Since 1995

Finding a therapist online should be this easy. You can search our therapist profiles based on your location, availability, in-person and online sessions, or for couples counselling. You could also choose to browse all of our therapists' profiles. Once you find someone who feels like a good match for your needs, you can reach out to that therapist directly.

PRS Commitment and Training


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy. We work from the understanding that the mind is sometimes divided, resulting in conflicted thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that are often puzzling. Therapy may help a person to gain greater insight into these internal conflicts and to move beyond them.


All PRS therapists are graduates of The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy. The CTP program is intense and thorough. A vital group therapy component of the six-year training, assists future psychotherapists to address their own personal issues. This is essential in preparation to helping their clients in their own growth.

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The lived experience of each client is unique. The experience of therapy is not universal - one-size-fits-all. We respect the diversity of culture, race, sexual orientation, gender and experience. We also recognize that some clients will have suffered pain and trauma from systemic racism and the biases of various oppressions.

Connecting People With Qualified Therapists Since 1995

About PRS

Psychotherapy Referral Service (PRS) in Toronto, is an association of qualified therapists, all graduates of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP).

While we specialize in the psychodynamic approach, our therapists’ expertise spans a variety of therapeutic modalities, in locations across the GTA. You can connect with a therapist today.

PRS is a not-for-profit organization that helps people find qualified therapists suited to their needs since 1995.

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Why See A Therapist?

There are many reasons why people begin to see therapists. Therapy can assist with many complex issues including: 

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