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There are many different reasons why people begin to see therapists. They might be facing a crisis in their lives and need support and balance. They may be managing a long-term mental health concern. Or, they may simply be looking for a fresh perspective on their life and its overall direction. Especially during this time of social isolation, the availability of online therapy for mental health issues, particularly anxiety & depression, is key to helping us through these difficult times. If you need assistance in finding an affordable online therapist in Toronto, PRS Toronto is here to help.

Let us help you get the help you need

Since 1995, our therapist referral network has been provided a service matching clients to the right therapist for them. Many doctors send their patients to us to be connected to an affordable Toronto therapist because they know we are an exceptional resource in the community.

All of the therapists in PRS Toronto have graduated from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, where they have received a recognized and rigorous education. We regularly invite new CTP graduates to join us, which means that we are always widening the specialities and experiences of the Toronto therapists you will find in our network.

Take a look through our network and see who is available

Our therapists maintain profiles that cover their specialties, backgrounds, and specific therapeutic methods. Different therapists often use different approaches to similar problems. Browsing through backgrounds and taking your time can help you find someone whose approach resonates with your own way of approaching difficult times. That can help you find a better “fit” with a therapist.

Finding a therapist for online mental health help has never been easier. Once you find someone who feels like a good match for your needs, you can reach out to that therapist directly for an appointment.
If, after reviewing our therapists’ profiles, you have questions about psychotherapy in general, or are unsure who might be the right fit for you, please feel free to contact any of our therapists through the online form or calling them directly for help. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

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Is Psychotherapy Referral Service Covered by OHIP? 

Fees for psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP. However, PRS psychotherapy fees are modest by industry standards and the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes the cost of non-reimbursed services provided by Registered Psychotherapists as a medical expense eligible for a tax credit. Please note that many private insurance plans do provide some reimbursement for psychotherapy.

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