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Therapists Fees

Our services are not covered by OHIP but are modest by industry standards.
Our practitioners typically charge between $100 and $150 per hour, and may or may not include HST (some therapists may charge more).


Dana Kelso

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MBA, Hons BA

You are an intelligent, competent business professional, yet, despite your best efforts, your life isn’t feeling the way you had hoped. Perhaps you are struggling with relationship difficulties at home or at work, career indecision, substance abuse, or chronic anxiety. I specialize in working with people whose backgrounds and struggles are similar to yours.


Lisa Di Diodato

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MSc (Neuroimaging)

“Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.” - Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit


Ruth Kazdan

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, BA

Talking to a trained professional who holds your best interests as the primary focus, a therapist who engages you openly, compassionately, and without judgment can be transforming. This has been my own experience as a client, and what, as a therapist, I strive to bring to my clients.


Debra Finlayson

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

The demands of our lives and the pressure we feel can overwhelm us. Even with our best efforts, we can still find ourselves struggling. I welcome you to start where you are. Through weekly sessions, my role as a psychotherapist aims to help you uncover new experiences - a way of seeing something old, newly. A good fit is important to our work. If you’re interested in speaking further, please contact me by phone or email and we’ll go from there.


Cheryl Fulop

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

We all have the potential to thrive in environments that are accepting and that feel safe to us. Creating a therapy space that allows this to be possible is of utmost importance to me. Within this space, you will be able to become more present, more aware of your thoughts and feelings and more able to take responsibility for your life choices. Whatever challenges you may be facing or relational difficulties you are experiencing that have contributed to you considering a therapy, will be openly met with care and compassion. The therapeutic process can be challenging but it does not have to be an unpleasant experience. It is a brave undertaking to face yourself, in this way, and I would be honored to help you along on this journey. The eventual building of internal solidity will allow you to walk upright through life, with a renewed sense of vitality, creativity and a deep sense of yourself.


Natalie Sammut

Registered Social Worker • CTP Dipl, RSW

We look to therapy for help in easing what can feel like unmanageable stress in life – brought on by the many challenges of living, such as major life transitions and the difficulty inherent in living with others or, alternatively, the pain of not having others in our lives through loss or conflict.


Barbara Justason

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, B.A.

I offer you an opportunity to challenge those issues that prevent you from achieving fulfillment in life. Together we can discover and change those motivating factors that produce patterns of sabotaging behaviour. I work with individuals and couples, and am qualified both academically and experientially to assist you in achieving your desired goals.


Lisa Darrach

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, PhD

Words are very important−they distinguish us as human beings from our fellow creatures. In psychotherapy the particular importance of putting thoughts and feelings into words is unmistakable. Psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy is sometimes called the "talking cure." When you talk in a psychotherapeutic context about what is bothering or upsetting or puzzling you, something can change.


Rebecca Gibbins

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

Have you ever felt that there’s a difference between who you are on the inside, and who you are in the world? Do you sometimes struggle to figure out what you want, what you need, or who you want to be? Are there times when you feel invisible in your relationships - with lovers, partners, friends, colleagues, family? Whatever it is that has brought you to this page, perhaps it will help if I tell you a bit about myself and what it is that I do.


Kerri Adams

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

Welcome to my personal bio. The fact that you are researching therapists means you have already taken the courageous first step to self-exploration and the desire to improve your life as your currently experience it. I would be honoured to help you with this exceptional journey and invite you to contact me if you would like more information on how I work with my clients and what you can expect from the therapy process.


Barbara Milroy

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MA

Greater self-expression and self-acceptance, more enriching relationships, the possibility of a fuller, more meaningful and creative life—these I believe can be some of the benefits of psychotherapy. Many years of experience working with both individuals and couples confirm my belief that it is within the context of a solid, supportive, collaborative therapeutic relationship that we can find our way back to the fundamental importance of open and honest human conversation.


Linden Ramdeholl

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MA

It is a big step to want to make changes in your life. The journey of self-discovery can happen in the confidential space of my office. My collaborative and empathic approach will allow you to open the "closed doors" of your life in a safe environment.


Chris Werbski

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, MSW, RSW, HSC

I have learned from my own personal struggles, challenges and evolution that seeking support and building trust can bring a person to a place of fulfillment, healing and peace. This contributed to my decision to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist over 20 years ago.


Ann LeBlanc

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

Emotional pain can be a heavy burden to carry. We can work on lifting this burden together. Taking the first step to start to see a therapist is an important one.  A person may be suffering and have been for a long time.  To hope that things can be different and take steps to change your life is brave. My approach to this work is to respect all parts of you, those that the world readily sees and those that can remain hidden. As we navigate this process together, I will work to provide a safe space for you to heal, learn and grow.  Each person's story is different and I want to hear yours and understand you.


Jeri Reason

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl

Many people gain personal insights through the practice of writing, painting or other art forms. Similarly, psychotherapy can give us a window into unknown facets of ourselves. Some of our feelings, concerns and behaviours may mystify or trouble us. We may have difficulty exploring and understanding these on our own. Psychotherapy sessions are private, collaborative, improvisational, and unique to every client and therapist. I would be happy to speak with you and provide more information about my practice.


Ken Peters

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, BA

When we encounter difficulties in life, we do our best to adapt and survive. We may push our feelings away, find distractions or try to escape our reality. This can result in symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Psychotherapy is a way to reconnect with ourselves in a healthy way and find new ways forward.


Nick Diamand

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, BBA

We all too often find ourselves on a treadmill of stress, unprepared to make the changes which might enhance our lives. Seeking help in the form of professional treatment from a qualified Psychotherapist is a natural consequence of our desire to discover personal solutions to our perplexing issues - issues that can feel virtually insurmountable if they are not understood and dealt with.


David Collins

Registered Psychotherapist • RP, CTP Dipl, BA

Congratulations, for taking the first step towards better emotional well-being. Entering therapy can be a daunting decision. What can I tell you that might make this step easier? (Daytime only appointments currently available.)