Anxiety Counselling in Toronto: Therapy & Treatment for Coping With Anxiety

Anxiety is a perfectly normal response to threat and in some situations that are really threatening it can be helpful in preparing us for action. Anxiety is an uncomfortable inner feeling of fear or imminent disaster and most of us experience some temporary degree of anxiety in our lives with or without just cause.

How To Cope With Anxiety?

In the case where people are constantly trying to cope with anxiety, it can begin to interfere with their lives and create anxiety problems and in severe cases of anxiety can lead to panic attacks and social anxiety.  This can occur when anxiety levels increase as our perceived ability to cope with anxiety is outweighed by the pressures placed upon us. Anxiety can then become a problem through unhelpful patterns of coping behaviours, mood and thinking that include fear of fear itself, anticipation, association, preoccupation, hypersensitivity and avoidance that are restricting or interfering with the management of our lives.

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You don’t have to cope with anxiety on your own. All our therapists have experience in dealing with anxiety issues. Treatment for anxiety can include different psychotherapy techniques as well as medication.

Anxiety Treatment for Young Adults & Teens

If anxiety is not treated at a younger age, it can carry over into adulthood. If a teenager feels alone or at risk and has no way to talk about the perceived threat, this can lead to anxiety problems later on.  As a teenager or young adult receiving anxiety help, they can gain perspective about the perceived danger or stress and learn how to properly cope with their anxiety.

Why Psychotherapy and Counselling for Anxiety?

Psychotherapy and counselling for anxiety help people to begin to explore and identify why they are feeling particularly anxious, how it is impacting their lives, the unhealthy patterns and dynamics that have contributed and how they can manage their anxiety problems. There are many forms of anxiety management therapy and counselling to assist with addressing anxiety that include cognitive behaviour therapy,  exploring unhealthy thinking patterns, social anxiety treatment, coping strategies to manage panic attacks, identifying core beliefs and healthier ways to manage our feelings. The goal for psychotherapy and anxiety disorder treatments is to achieve a better balance between the pressures and the activities that reduce your pressures so that you can reduce your stress and anxiety.

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Treatment for Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. A lot of people who experience problems relating to social anxiety go untreated despite having to deal with a variety of negative symptoms. You should seek help for social anxiety if:

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