Psychotherapy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Psychotherapy can help you take charge of your life and deal with daily problems in a more effective way. With your therapist you will be working towards feeling stronger, happier, and having greater control in the choices you make. Psychotherapy is a healing as well as a learning process.

Psychotherapy provides a place to safely explore whatever is troubling you. It offers a place to express your fears and anxieties and to strengthen your emotional responses to them. It can help you deal with daily problems so you can take charge of your life.

As a result of therapy, you may feel less alone, less victimized, and more able to cope with life. You may even be encouraged to express yourself more creatively and confidently.

Psychotherapy encourages you to deal with daily problems in new and more functional ways. Sessions involve you and your therapist usually meeting once a week in a private office for about an hour. Typically, you sit opposite each other and begin a conversation about your life and the challenges you are experiencing.

Some people come with very specific problems or with the larger purpose of, perhaps, understanding themselves better, of finding their true selves, or of freeing up energy for living more fully. (This work takes time, sometimes months, often longer.) Others may not articulate a specific situation, but express a feeling – or lack of feeling – that is impacting their well being negatively.

In general, any situation that feels painful, limiting and unsatisfying. This can include:

They are as different as the people who seek it. Some feel life is unfulfilling. Some want to add depth to their life. Many are experiencing emotional pain. Whenever you feel that life should be better, you can’t cope, or can’t go on, it’s a sign that psychotherapy can be of assistance.

OHIP does not cover psychotherapy. Your employer or extended health plan may provide partial reimbursement. Our Therapists typically charge $100 to $150 per hour, and may or may not include HST. (some therapists may charge more).

If you choose to go through our referral service (as opposed to self serve), there is an administrative charge of $100 for your initial interview. Again, your insurance plan may provide reimbursement for this.

Our fees are tax deductible.

The length of the therapy is determined by the challenges you want to resolve, and what outcome you are seeking. Some people stay in therapy for a short time. For others, psychotherapy becomes a vehicle for personal development and greater self awareness over a longer period. How long you stay in therapy is always your choice.
The frequency of sessions can vary depending on your needs. The most common frequency is once per week. Most of our therapists work on a 50 minute hour, but again, this is determined by your needs.