Marriage & Relationship Therapy in Toronto

How Does Marriage Counselling Work?

In order for marriage counselling to work, both people in the relationship must be willing to accept help. Rather than cope with marriage difficulties alone, a trained couples therapist can help identify the underlying issues and deliver the appropriate treatment. In a safe, non-judgemental environment the couples therapist determines behavioural patterns and negative cycles within the marriage. The couple can be more conscious and considerate of each other. With honest, open communication, trust and security can be rebuilt.

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Psychotherapy Referral Service Toronto has a number of well-trained couples therapists that can help you cope with separation and other marriage-related problems.

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Therapy For Relationship Issues

People commonly seek relationship or marriage counselling when they no longer feel secure within their relationship. A strained relationship stems from absence of communication and awareness between two people. Relationship problems continue when people are not conscious of their behaviour or are too proud to admit that their relationship needs external help.

Theorist John Gottman’s research shows that couples wait an average of six years before seeking relationship help by which time further issues develop. People need to feel secure with primary attachments to their family and partners. Having a secure, loving relationship fights off disease and extends life expectancy.

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