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Family And Couples Therapy in Toronto

PRS is a group of toronto therapists offering families and couples counselling services.

PRS family and couples therapists have undergone substantial psychodynamic training in individual psychotherapy and have further specialized training in couples and/or family counselling. Your therapist will explore underlying patterns and emotional responses in your relationship, whether it be your partner, spouse, family member or close friend.

Your family and couples therapist will select the most appropriate approach to effectively work with you. These techniques and approaches include: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy ( EFT ), Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy ( PACT ) and Family Systems Therapy. These approaches allow for deep-rooted feelings, expectations and behavioural patterns to surface, for clearer understanding and open communication in your relationship. The safe, supportive environment allows you to work through these new realizations and discoveries, to rebuild trust and repair the connection in your family and marriage.

Family and Couples Counselling Cost

In Toronto, therapists offering family and couples counselling typically charge between $80 and $125 per hour. Given the type of treatment, session length, and therapist, this cost can be higher. Therapists, as well as the families and couples receiving therapy, have experienced greater benefits from longer sessions. PRS works to match you with the right family and couples therapist for the most effective treatment and approach.

If you are looking for family or couples counselling in Toronto and the GTA, let PRS match you with a fitting therapist.